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How to choose a Photo Booth service for your wedding or event

I’m often asked if I provide a photo booth service for weddings and events… and the answer is no, I don’t. For a very good reason. I capture the candid moments at your reception or event as they unfold, while the photo booth is a great way for your guests to jump in and take silly or fun photos throughout the evening. Sure, I capture a lot of silly and fun photos too (and you will often be surprised by some of the antics your family and friends have insisted I take photos of for you when you get your photos back!) but the photo booth is an entirely different beast.

Quite often when a couple look to have a photo booth at their wedding reception, they probably think that every single photo booth service is going to be the same. But photo booths aren’t all equal. When selecting one, try to look past the fun props and dressups that the service provides.  I recommend you look into the quality of the photography that is produced by the photo booth company you’re looking to hire – you could be surprised by how widely this varies across the industry. As with any photography, just because someone (or something) comes equipped with an expensive and flashy looking DSLR camera doesn’t mean that you are going to get the same results from every service.

An excellent photo booth service that I recommend is the one provided by Elegant Hire in Melbourne.

They have made modifications to the photo booths they use that set them apart from many other booth services.  When they purchase the booths from a reputable industry retailer, the photographs (with the white background) really aren’t spectacular. You’ll notice that they are a bit washed out and the whites in them look a bit off – this is an issue with something known as the white balance. These photos can even come out quite blurry, as evidenced by the one here.   Overall they look a bit boring and there’s no real wow factor there.


The photos with the red background have been taken after Elegant Hire made modifications to the booth. They’ve included a beauty dish  and strobe – types of professional photographic lighting equipment – to produce professional quality results. I think you’ll agree that the difference is like chalk and cheese. By using a professional lighting setup, the photos are more vivid, more alive, the subjects don’t look washed out and there is definitely a wow factor there. Which is what you want when you are capturing fun memories of the biggest party you are likely to ever throw in your life!

2016-07-05_0002PINTHISNot every photo booth company is going to go the distance and make professional lighting modifications, and you could be using a provider that uses the exact same booth but provides it to you “as is” – which means you’re going to get photos like those with the white background, not the red background.


Photographs courtesy of Elegant Hire.
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